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When you Google "Symfony," it's easy to find thousands of results. Most of them skew toward the technical. This is great, but it leaves a bit of a void if your question is, "How can Symfony support my strategic goals?"

With that in mind, we thought it would be helpful to distill down our understanding of the key benefits of Symfony from a dozen case studies (ours and others) that we've reviewed over the years.

  • For a major global news outlet, Symfony was part of a solution that helped break out of the confines of an outdated publication process. The solution included a unique approach to functions that prevented redundant use of code to make development more efficient.
  • Symfony was part of a solution that enabled the site to aggregate content from the CMS, dynamic ads, and location data from a database and large volumes of information from its map and weather forecast server for a sizeable weather-related site. Many systems can handle one or two of these without an issue. But handling all of these at once requires a different level of capability that Symfony brings.

image of a laptop showing a symfony site

Symfony PHP helps you enhance your customer’s web experience

  • Symfony powered a migration of its entire back office for a large, multi-national grocery store chain to create a more robust and permanent framework to help the business expand. This service-oriented architecture included international orders and helped the company reduce the time to market technical debt and bugs within its systems. 
  • For a software company that enables visitors to call for assistance using live chat, Symfony powered the next generation of its platform to allow the company to keep a focus on security and stability.
  • For a company focused on Q&A through a series of literally dozens of websites and millions of monthly users, Symfony powered the transition from a homemade PHP framework maintained by 30 developers to an approach that improved performance and stability and reduced wait times. The improvements have had a direct impact on their bottom line.
  • Symfony became the lynchpin to a complete re-work of their entire infrastructure for a management platform and blog hosting company. By leveraging Symfony, the company ended up with a comprehensive, flexible platform that could grow with its business and enable better interoperability among critical components.
  • Symfony developed an online music platform for an online music company. The platform delivers high-quality musical, editorial, and available services to support a catalog of more than 12 million titles, available in "true CD quality" sound.

person using a stylist on a tablet with Symfony

Symfony PHP and Unleashed

But Unleashed isn't just a fan of Symfony for what others have used it for in the past. We have often turned to Symfony to support a range of bespoke digital tools and products for our clients, including:

  • For a dominant apparel manufacturer, Unleashed leveraged Symfony to power an application that enables reps to create entire online stores for merchandise. The application also enables the creation of individual products, drawing from a database of fonts, colors, and logos from every high school in the US. Additionally, the application provides 3D product rendering capability.
  • For a global risk management and security company, Unleashed used Symfony to develop a tool to generate intelligence reports from frequently updated, proprietary data that rate travel risk to specific regions and destinations around the world.
  • For one of Unleashed's association clients, we leveraged Symfony to help re-invent its supplier portal, including robust search capabilities, self-serve member information update functionality, and integrations with Salesforce.
  • For another client, Unleashed used Symfony to develop an app focused on enabling parents of new enrollees to an institution. The app served as an "orientation guide" of sorts, with easy-to-access information and Q&A and integrated with the client's existing Adobe-powered user registration platform.

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Symfony PHP provides a comprehensive tool

  • Lastly, when Unleashed needed to develop a comprehensive tool to help it keep track of all of its development projects, down to the status of individual modules and plugins, we turned to Symfony to help us develop the solution. The internal site, which pulls in data from GitLab, provides a browser-based view of all needed updates and patches and can be displayed at the project, platform, or individual module or plugin level. When so many security best practices revolve around being constantly aware of vulnerabilities, this tool has become a critical piece of our approach to following best security and maintenance practices.

To learn more about how Symfony can drive you to success, contact us. SensioLabs shares past success stories for readers regularly, follow the link for more.

chart of the benefits of Symfony