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Your Project Guide

Our proven process of stakeholder interviews, SEO audits, content reviews, and competitive analysis results in a Discovery Summary that serves as a project guide. 

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The Discovery Process

No one likes surprises. Our clients consistently tell us how important it is to maximize their budget and stick to timelines. Our experience has shown the best way to make sure that happens is to align our teams from the very beginning. 

We want to collaborate to define goals, target audiences, compliance requirements, and KPIs. We follow a rigorous process to gather information and uncover as many potential roadblocks as possible before strategy, design or development even begin.
Steps in the Discovery & Diagnostics Process Include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Stakeholder interviews 
  • SEO audits 
  • Content reviews 
  • Competitive analyses

While each project is slightly different and often has unique requirements, the result of this phase is always the same–a Discovery Summary that serves as the project guide.

Key Benefits of Discovery

Identifying roadblocks and aligning our teams early results in more accurate and timely projects



Understand how outsiders perceive your company to influence your new design.



Identify the depth and breadth of your entire digital landscape and the potential impacts of the project. 



Understand how your audience uses your current site and use that data to set goals for the new project.



Identify impacts the project will have on other teams and existing platforms to minimize surprises.