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Muhammad Hutasuhut

Muhammad Hutasuhut is the CEO of Unleashed Technologies. As a self-proclaimed “techie”, he enjoys leading a technology firm that specializes in the development of complex websites, e-commerce platforms, and really cool web applications. He honed his tech chops co-managing the ERP/consulting practice for Deloitte in Southeast Asia and Jakarta and Singapore. Muhammad is a big believer that techies can also have great people skills (unlike Tom Smykowski of Office Space) and are often passionate about helping clients.

Muhammad thrives in the face of significant adversity and difficulty which makes him a ferocious and reliable leader for our team. He is a former investment banker and US diplomat having lead teams in all 5 military service branches in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Harvard Business School.

He lives with his very patient wife, three pre-teen children who offer nothing but love and trouble, and a small but powerful Corgi puppy in Maryland.